Caloundra Men’s Shed Essentials

  • Why Join?
    As a member of Caloundra’s new Men’s Shed you can engage in a wide range of activities that are creative, challenging and can provide value to our local community all in a safe environment. As we work together we enjoy the mateship and support of our fellow men, typically while working on personal projects or community support projects.
    Sometimes we just solve the world’s issues while chatting over a tea or coffee in the sun in our wonderful bush parkland setting.
  • Who we are
    Caloundra’s new Men’s Shed is a non-profit, non-commercial community organisation providing a safe and friendly meeting place for men to work on projects in the company of other men.

    We are fully incorporated and affiliated with the Australian and Queensland Chapters of the Men’s Shed Association.

  • Whate we do
    Our members meet, socialise and undertake a range of meaningful and highly enjoyable projects (Personal, Men’s Shed or Community) and activities, at their own pace and in their own time with the advantage of guided supervision and great tools and resources.
  • What we don’t do
    We do not generally do repairs or undertake projects for the general public, nor do we compete against commercial businesses. The Men’s Shed is not an alternative or replacement for professional tradespersons or other qualified craftsmen. The Men’s Shed is not a welfare shelter, nor is it an alternative or replacement for the services provided by appropriate health and medical professionals.
  • Members Fees
    he cost to become a member at the Caloundra Men’s Shed is $55. This membership fee provides access to a range of benefits, including full utilization of the shed’s facilities and tools, as well as access to materials commonly used by members for their various projects.
    Additionally, the membership fee covers necessary insurance, ensuring that all members are protected while working on their projects within the shed. This cost not only fosters a sense of community among members but also contributes to the sustainability and safety of the Caloundra Men’s Shed, allowing individuals to pursue their woodworking and crafting passions with peace of mind.
  • Where We operate from:
    QLD 4551

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Sample Projects

The Caloundra’s Men’s Shed is already a wonderful success story as keeps guys active, teaches new skills and fights to combat the scourges of mental illness, loneliness and suicide in ageing men.

The Caloundra’s Men’s Shed has mushroomed from zero to over 70 members, and now has a new site in Moffat Beach, Caloundra.

David Helmers, executive director of The Australian Men’s Sheds Associations (AMSA), explains that as men age and retire many have “the feeling of incapacity to contribute to the family anymore,”. Ageing male suicide is ” … a very complex problem. It’s tragic. They feel worthless. If they are not seeing their families anymore, they just think, ‘Why am I doing this?'”
“What we prevent is social isolation,” Mr Helmers says. “Social isolation is the tipping point. It creates poor eating, poor living, substance abuse, suicide. Lots of the key killers of men can be linked to social isolation.”

“The boys” have their own new shed, and have worked on school buildings, repainted caloundra’s lighthouse, built play equipment and kid size kitchens, cubby houses, furniture, repaired toys for early childhood centres, and built sheds for community gardens. We’ve even ventured over to the Soloman Islands for a hospital improvement project!

The Caloundra Men’s Shed will continue to provide facilities for its growing membership and ensure that equipment is maintained or replaced as required. The members’ health and safety will remain at the forefront of our consideration. We depend on the communities continuing support and are engaged with both government and community representatives to pursue this important goal. We are always seeking new members so if interested drop in or call.